Robert Serocki Jr

Hello. I’m Robert Serocki Jr.

Robert Serocki, Jr.
Philosopher/Radio Host/Author/Veteran

Robert Serocki Jr. has studied human beings, their development and the meaning of life for three decades. He was a professional Archaeologist for nearly 20 years and he has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, with an emphasis on Archaeology, from Arizona State University. He also studied Social and Psychological Anthropology, Business, Economics, Geology, Latin and Spanish. Previously, he had a distinguished career in the United States Marine Corps and served two tours of duty on the front lines of the first Gulf War. Because of Robert’s service, he developed Post-Traumatic Stress, which caused him to lose everything including his ability to walk for several years. Eventually, Robert healed his PTSD in healthy, natural ways by using his 13-step foundation to healing that he personally developed. Through this horrific 25-year ordeal, his passion and a new, inspired life was born.

“Each and every day, take time to heal, become inspired, move forward and BE successful with your life!”

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The Robert Serocki, Jr. Radio Show
Airs every Saturday afternoon at 2pm MST.
This show discusses what it means 2BU, the meaning of our lives, attaining peace, finding happiness, how to achieve our dreams and overcoming our past with an emphasis on PTSD and trauma from a Marine Veteran who lived it.

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