Jake Feinberg

Jake Feinberg
Music Interview Legend

Hello. I’m Jake Feinberg.

The Jake Feinberg Show has morphed into an extraterrestrial radio program dedicated to creating new information and enlightenment.

I’m into the esoteric part of music, and the big ears. I’m definitely into enlarging hearts the way Tisziji Munoz does. He has given me my spirit name, “Sem Lodro” (Wisdom Of Spirit). This coincides with “The Dao” which has filled me with a resilience and urgency to pursue the truth or the closest thing to it. Thanks to Kim Yong for being my guarantor!

This whole broadcasting experience has been aided and abetted by a tribe of not so usual suspects. Artists who I have never personally met but who “go there” with me in a live long form improvisational free form radio setting. They have helped me see the forest through the trees, enjoying the forbidden fruit along the way. My knowledge comes from real peeps, experiential knowledge that has liberated me from the bounds of everyday existence.

Cats like Evie Sands, Ahmad Jamal, Dave Liebman, David Garibaldi, Huey Lewis, Jim Keltner, Papa Mali, George Marsh, Tony Leone, Greg Errico, Johnny Mathis, Billy Harper, Steve Earle, Gary Bartz, Michael Shrieve, Delbert McClinton, Rita Coolidge, Adonis Kiki, Heather Gillis, Butch Trucks, David Murray, Stuart Mellan, Rita Graham, John McLaughlin, Ken Babbs, Wavy Gravy, Oteil Burbridge, Sunshine Kesey and George Walker.

My show has become a steam locomotive, upwards of 130+ interviews in 2016. It’s not genre based, it’s all music on the spinning wheel of life as we try to transcend the cycle of birth and death.

It would not have been possible without the generosity of Kevin Calabro who opened his gates to my generation of musicians including Eric Krasno, Brandon Decker, Matt Chamberlain, Brian Haas, Reed Mathis, Scott Metzger Neal Casal and Holly Bowling.

Now that my tentacles have spread out across the world I have been commissioned to produce a film documentary on the legendary saxophonist Stan Getz. Executive Producer Stephen Auerbach has proven to be a mentor and teacher for this host. His patience, generosity and artistic eye have been evident since he serendipitously came into my life in May. I look forward to working with him and creating a film worthy of a genius like Stan Getz.

None of this would be possible without support of my sponsors. A heartfelt thanks to Abbott Taylor, Craig Pretzinger, Oshrat Barel, Sue DeBenedette, Matt Ricker and Dwight Bocage. These individuals and their organizations are all trying to achieve the same thing. Inclusivity, diversity, love, expansion, family and fairness. These values are especially prescient as we head into truly uncharted historical waters in our countries lineage. I am indebted to them all for their support and how they lead their lives day in and day out.

A big thanks to Jim Parisi our fearless leader at Powertalk and the 500+ new members of my tribe!

Finally a big shout out to my wife Yaju and daughters Hannah and Aja. Their love and support continue to inspire and push me to further myself and my show. They inspire me in their world view and outlook on all areas of life. They have rode the road untraveled with me and incurred the high highs and low lows of doing something completely entrepreneurial and unique.

In Chinese lore 2017 is the year of the Rooster and the JFS will be crowing as much as possible. More investigation in the life of Merry Pranksters, the eternal search for rhythm, the evolution of the blues, inspiration from the spirit and continued authentic human connection in the digital age.

Continued membership support is critical for salvation. People from all over the world have become members and been inspired at the information I extract from the cats. These interviews fuse into a bright blue ball of wisdom, philosophy and love that bounce all over the world of new media.


A few musical tips for the year ahead for players and listeners.

It’s not the mode it’s the mood

Any note can be the one

Keep time on the cymbals

Stop playing what you know

Find your true nature

Love The One Your With

Constant Creation

Stay Humble

Love, Peace & Happiness


All told I have recorded over 300 interviews with musicians who’s careers started before I was born (1978). Their names include DeJohnette, Grisman, Burrell, Weir, Airto, Akiyoshi, and Bill Cosby. Their musical aptitude encompasses all forms; Blues, ragas, bluegrass, free jazz, bayou, psychedelia and funk.
For the past 3 years you the audience have been treated to my journey through a land of Musical Giants as I search for authenticity and truth in the digital age.

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